Learn more about our process below, and find out what you can expect as we are transforming your property into your dream outdoor space. 

Phase One: Design

Step 1: Initial Consultation 

  • Graham or Ben will meet with you on site to discuss the project.

Step 2: Design Contract

  • The design contract will be sent to you. After review, if you would like to proceed, you return the signed contract, any survey/plat or architectural plans as well as a deposit to GKLD.

Step 3: Site Analysis 

  • An on site photographic and measurement confirmation visit to review and record existing conditions.

Step 4: Base Plan

  • A scaled base plan shall be drawn using the survey and/or measurements taken during the site analysis.

Step 5: Preliminary Landscape Master Plan

  • The preliminary landscape master plan shall be designed according to notes from the initial consultation. This plan shall include some of the following: Drainage solutions, pathways, driveway layout, retaining walls, fencing, plant removal/transplants, lawn areas, planting layout and other custom design details as needed.

Step 6: Revisions 

  • One set of revisions shall be provided after a presentation meeting with you as needed.

Step 7: Final Landscape Master Plan

  • The final master plan shall include:

    • Detailed plant list showing sizes, varieties, quantities and a maintenance schedule as well as color plant images.

    • Construction details showing precise dimensions, materials and construction methods of individual aspects of the plan such as walls, fences, hardscapes, etc.

    • Outdoor landscape lighting plan showing recommended fixture locations and styles including conduit locations.

    • Outdoor accessory recommendations - GKLD can provide images and prices for various garden accent pieces upon request including the following: furniture, urns and planters, fountains, light posts and more.

    • Drainage plan including underground piping, catch basins and slopes.

Phase Two: Construction Project Management

Step 1: CPM Contract

  • The CPM contract shall be sent to you. After review, if you would like to proceed, you return the signed contract as well as a deposit to GKLD.

Step 2: Written Construction Specification List

  • These customized specifications are a list of detailed items needed to complete your particular project. All bidding contractors will receive this list in order to provide accurate quotes, itemized with every aspect of the plans.

Step 3: Creation Of Bid Packages 

  • This bid package is for the bidding contractors and includes your written construction specification list and a set of approved final landscape design plans. Both are marked with relevant items for each specific contractor. Having bid packages ensures that when competing contractors bid on the same items using the same materials an accurate comparison can easily be made by you and GKLD.

    • If necessary, plans will also be submitted to the Architectural Review Board for neighborhoods.

Step 4: Cost Summary

  • During this process we collect, compare and review the contractor bids as well as create a written summary of the the bids for you to review.

Step 5: Meeting With Client

  • This meeting shall be to review all the bids, select contractors and determine the scope of work.

Step 6: Deposit Checks

  • We will request and collect deposit checks for the individual contractors selected. We will keep a record of the payments in order to ensure accuracy of contractor billing.

Step 7: Scheduling 

  • The coordination and scheduling of all awarded contractors to begin their scope of work at the necessary time.

Step 8: Layout

  • The design will be laid out on site by the contractors with approval from the designer as well as instructions given about construction schedule, materials, methods etc.

Step 9: Quality Inspections

  • During the project there will be on site installation quality inspections as well as punch list items provided to the contractors as needed. There will also be on going communication and troubleshooting with the contractors and you including making adjustments on site if needed.

Step 10: Final Walk through

  • At the completion of the project there will be a final walk through and review of punch list items with contractors and you. There will also be approval for final payments to all contractors and GKLD upon project completion.